An enchanted adventure

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Once upon a time...

There was a mother who believed in never growing up, and a daughter who knew she was a loved and cherished princess.

Among the business of real life, they enjoyed simple moments of love and happiness in their fairy tale world.

Does this sound like your story?  Then our subscription box is magically awaiting you!


Take a peak at our Enchanted Winter Box of 2018

What is "The Princess and the Queen?"

An fairy tale themed box of surprises for both mothers and daughters!

We offer seasonal boxes, birthday boxes, and theme park reveal boxes.

Some important info:

"The Princess and the Queen" has no affiliation with any major licensed company, nor will you get any licensed materials in the subscription box. We just love all the fairy tales, old and new!  We also pride ourselves in the beauty and quality of our handmade items!  

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale".

Hans Christian Anderson

Coming March 1st 2019

Birthday and theme park reveal boxes!

Now Taking Subscription Orders!

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